False Starts

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I hope that whenever someone gets a tattoo they consider their decision well thought out, but my hopes are slightly dashed when I see things like this.

bullet hole tattoos

Don’t be alarmed, I can assure you, these colors don’t bleed.

(Beyond the initial bleeding, of course, and the simulated bleeding, but I hear that’s normal.)

Your future 90 year old body is calling from the moon, and it wants to remind you that tattoos are permanent.

Have you ever been merrily typing along, while looking at something else, and then realized that your hands had slipped to the left and you just wrote a whole bunch of gibberish?

I got turtles, and got rid of turtles, all in the span of three weeks.

I’m going to go out on a limb, and say that I’m not a turtle person.

As a side note, pets should typically never be impulse purchases. And I quote, “Oh, turtles would be fun!”


I was brainstorming this week and decided that none of these ideas really deserved to become a full post.

Tattoos, keyboard finger placement, turtles?

Diagnosis: Slightly Boooooring.

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